Today is Last Stitch Day!

…a Sunday kind of



Today I’m celebrating the hard launch of my debut novella, The Last Stitch Goes Through The Nose, now available in ebook and paperback!

This new website is live and will include many updates: links to reviews and interviews, quotations from the book, bio info on the author, social media connections, announcements for upcoming special events such as AMAs and book signings, contact information, and anything else I can think of. It’s the one-stop destination for my published work, including yet to be published works… Please help support new indie writers!

The most common question I get is: What is the book about?

The Last Stitch Goes Through The Nose is about how we treat the Other, people different from our perspective of the Normal and Acceptable. It’s a short novel but it is stylized as a fairy tale or folktale full of heavy themes.

Here’s the official description:

“Who is the Scissor-man? Nobody cares, nobody sees, except for one little boy. This debut literary fantasy novella takes a hard look at society and its outcasts through the eyes of innocent youth.

“In a world where death is ignored, Orasi becomes fascinated with the Scissor-man, the village mortician. After he finds a black thread in the snow, Orasi begins to unravel the legends surrounding this horrifying figure, and his journey of discovery brings him closer than ever to the father he barely knew. But the world is a place that has already decided its rules. His is just one beating heart among millions who are already dead, and Orasi may not like what he finds in the end…

The Last Stitch Goes Through The Nose tests its characters to see if they are still breathing, and it might reach out to see if you are, too. The Last Stitch is perfect for the Young Adult reader who isn’t too grown up yet, or the reader who suspects they can still see through the eyes of a child.”


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You can even email me at Request a copy of the book for review purposes!

You can purchase The Last Stitch Goes Through The Nose from Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

-M. Norton


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