Calling All Indie Writers!

Hi, you.

Are you a self-published author, too?

Do you have your own books available on a site or blog somewhere online?

Are you planning to publish your first work soon?

Do you struggle with the sales numbers on your book?

Well then, drop me a line here with what you’ve got published or what’s still in the works!

Let’s get some exposure going for small-time writers and indie projects. It’s tough trying to stand out, of course. Share and tag indie writers you may know on social media or share links to your works below.

There are so many talented folks out there who just need to have their work seen.

-M. Norton

7 thoughts on “Calling All Indie Writers!

  1. Thank you for tagging me in this Moses. I’ve written a few short stories for my blog ( which are based on story dice prompts, I plan on collating the serviceable ones at the end of the year into a free eBook. I also have almost finished a longer piece (whatever you’d call 57 A4 pages) which I plan on letting folk test read soon. I’ve struggled with writer’s block for years but writing for The Well Red Mage has really boosted my confidence.

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  2. I’m not actually sure, but I can find out, it’s saved in a .doc on my laptop, like some medieval manuscript (I use Google Docs for everything these days!)
    And yeah, actually seeing my pieces not only pass the editing process but actually be enjoyed by readers really amazes me still! I actually check the stats on them every. Single. Day 😂

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  3. I’m definitely up for exposure!

    In terms of self-published stuff, I released the collected edition of my first series earlier this year. The Spark Form Chronicles is a mix of sci-fi, card gaming, and a few nods to my 90’s childhood. It’s a little rough around the edges as stories go, but it’s certainly very different to a lot of other releases in GameLit/LitRPG. This release has a new professionally designed cover and collects all four books:

    Meanwhile, my currently ongoing Cassie Tam Files series is a sci-fi detective series with an LGBTQ protagonist. It’s published by a small press house (NineStar Press) and the first three books are out now. Book 4 is being edited and I’m writing the fifth and final one now:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve always got space open for book posts on my site too. Whether it be book spotlights, guest spots, author interviews, etc. If anyone wants to grab a spot, feel free to drop me a line onthe contact page:

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  4. Not yet a writer, nor quite a soon-to-be-published one, but I am hoping that fairly shortly I might have something that I can call finished and about which I can start considering how I might go about publishing!

    It’s currently about halfway through its third version; in version one it was basically Magical Realism: The Sitcom, then version two made it more of a tragicomic urban fantasy, and now I think it’s becoming a kind of literary semi-fantasy… contemplative… something or other. I’unno. I like to think it’s a blend of the strangest and most grounded parts of the Gaimans or Murakamis of the world, although that’s a bit of a high bar to aspire to.

    I did a kind of read-through of the whole thing after version 2 in preparation for starting the third draft, and that whole shenanigan can be read here: It was kind of interesting to do, and certainly worthwhile, but the story’s already quite different in version 3 (and the title’s changed, to boot)!

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    • Hey thanks for coming around and dropping some info! Magical Realism, as you know, is something I just found out about fairly recently when trying to figure out what my book is. Maybe starting with the genre in mind first is easier, in some ways?

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